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".....What I found was more than just a web designer.  I found a valued partner and a good friend. 
I also found someone who you can bounce ideas off of and get great direction. 
Web sites are a funny thing they can either work and bring in business or they simply do not get any attention and do not convey what you are trying to sell.  Barbara has a great ability to see your vision and translate it into a great website.Although we have yet to meet in person I do not make a move without her.  I trust her explicitly and would not deal with anyone else. 
Please feel free to contact me anytime in regards to her referral."
Joe Godfrey

"Barbara completely redesigned my website and created an exciting new image that totally surpassed my expectations. Barbara approached my request for a new and fresh design with a very diligent work ethic, great ideas and timely approach to publishing. She also designed several newspaper and magazine advertisements that I published in local media.

Barbara is pleasant to work with, responds to e-mails and phone calls quickly and I am extremely pleased that she agreed to work with me as a Virtual Assistant. She is fantastic, contact her today. "

Dick Williams

"Barbara Doran in a real find! Hardworking, creative, diligent . . . she strives to achieve the ideal "fiduciary" role of a VA instead of acting as a mere functionary/order taker. In other words, Barbara seeks solutions to my challenges, suggests improvements to my website on her own initiative, and does not simply wait for me to tell her what to do."

Warren Reynolds

"Bud and Pat Smith have been Realtors in the Greater Philadelphia, PA real estate
market for 20+ years.  In early 2008 we recognized the need for us to really get
involved with the Internet.  We looked for professional assistance to help us
address this issue.  Our selection of Riverbrook Associates in March 2008 as a
Virtual Assistant for web site design and administration has been a winner from
the git go.  Barbara Doran is a valuable resource across the broad spectrum of
Internet requirements, a good listener, a patient educator and most importantly ,
a results driven contributor to the identification and the satisfaction of our
needs.  We look forward to having Riverbrook Associates as a continuing member
of our team."

"Barbara has been working on my website for over a year. She keeps current on all new ideas and techniques available which enables me to do what I love....working with clients."

"Barbara keeps my site fresh and is always looking for new enhancements to attract traffic. She's very reliable, quick to respond and stays abreast of everything."

Maria Lewis  

"Barbara has improved my site in many ways. She has helped me with a variety of projects and has had no problem handling anything I needed. Among other things, she has added property listings, a new featured property page (with slides) and created many links to other pages etc. She has created custom designs as well. I know there are a lot of things I want to do with my site and it is very comforting to know that Barbara is there to help. She always goes the extra mile.. Barbara is very professional, knowledgeable, and prompt with her work and I know I can count on her."

 Leslie Brennan

"Barbara has done an excellent job, more than I ever expected. She gives so many suggestions and knows exactly what needs to be done to have a professional looking website. She goes above and beyond, researching and sending me info to review to add to my site. She is a wonderful asset to any company and I am so lucky to be working with her. She has given me a website I am excited about and proud of. I will continue to use her and give her name to others needing any help with their sites."

Tracey Propst

"Barbara did a fabulous job with my website. What's even better than that? She's really easy to work with and she's got great ideas. She's now on my 'A' list of virtual support staff."

Angela George